Latest Testimonials

Latest Testimonials

"The 800 Lumen Projector indeed a nice economic projector. Best picture clarity. Loving it " ......RAJAT VERMA

--Portable Projectors--

" The Playstation is Worth to take in this price range. Whatever is mentioned in details everything works smoothly. Go for it " .......Mrs K. Das


"I was Bit skeptical while placing Order for the Wifi Projector , seeing the Low Price But I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of connectivity & clarity. Sound is good . Only there should be more body colors instead of only Black " ..... Sikha Nag ( Teacher in an International School -, Mumbai )

--Wifi Projector--

"WONDERFUL - The Portable DVD Player is Good value for money with many useful features & accessories.Dolby sound, HD Quality Video & strong battery backup for use in travel " ....... Rohit Shukla ( Senior Mngr in reputed MNC )

--Portable DVD Player--

" In One Word Excellent Clarity , Ease of Use & Quality" ....... RAJAT VERMA

--Swipe Splash Tablet--

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